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Ski Fitness Workouts, Tips & Trends


28th July 2017 | HEATHER B. FRIED

Even though she skis nearly every day, Amie also focuses on isometric workouts, which emphasize balance and stabilizer muscles.

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Do in-shape folks have more fun on a powder day? That's debatable, but it's hard to imagine the guy doubled over mid run lap one, legs shaking with full-fog goggles is having a better time than his buddy already on the way to another set of fresh tracks, yelling from the lift above about meeting for lunch. No friends on a powder day. Only fit friends on a powder day.

Those who take training for ski season seriously definitely see dividends in the endurance department: able to ski longer runs, longer days and longer streaks of ski days without taking a break (read: completely collapsing). Not to mention the benefit of less soreness and a lower injury risk.

Get the moves to achieve and maintain solid ski shape year-round with advice on conditioning, stretching and even nutrition compiled from some of our favorite sources. Check back often for new topics and trends as we update this list.

How to Start Your Ski Fitness Regimen Now

If you wait until the snow is flying and the lifts are spinning in November to start thinking about ski fitness, you're behind. identifies the major and most important muscles skiers rely on, along with the in-the-gym moves to make speeding downhill with perfect form safer and easier. In other words, skiing shouldn't be the only way to get your ski legs back. Source:

30 Minute Ski Conditioning Workout

30 Minute Ski Conditioning Workout

Follow along with this at-home routine that includes legs, core, agility, upper body, hips and full-body moves in sets to get strong for ski season. Source:

Post Ski Stretch Routine

Post Ski Stretch Routine

After a long, fulfilling day on the mountain, don't even think about hitting the bar for après before stretching out those well-used muscles. This quick cool-down stretch series from Warren Smith Ski Academy is designed to be done in your ski gear and addresses the major leg and back areas so you can hit the slopes refreshed the next day. Source: Warren Smith Ski Academy

When it Comes to Fitness Advice, Who Influences the Influencers?

Outside goes down the physiology of fitness rabbit hole to find out who the brightest cycling minds rely on for trusted fitness and endurance advice, and whom those folks follow for advice, and so on. The resulting Twitter tips include avoiding making active recovery workouts too hard. Source:

22 Best Foods for Skiing & Riding

What should I eat when I go skiing? Eat This, Not That walks through ideal meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with snacks, après and approved substitutes for that indulgent hot chocolate. Source:

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