Exhibitor / Competitor Information

“If we can not get to the mountains we will build our own”

This type of Rail Jam event is becoming increasingly popular with snowboarders, skiers and spectators. The construction of an artificial hill covered in real snow with special rail slide features provides the opportunity to show off your skills in front of other participants and spectators who are treated to an up close look at every bone jarring, board and ski grinding maneuver.

Ski Pro’s “Pro Rider Rail Jam Event” is part of an annual pre-season snowboard and ski sale at the Valley’s three Ski Pro locations. Ski Pro has been helping to bring the fun and excitement of skiing and snowboarding to valley for over 30 years and this event is just one more example of their commitment to these sports.

The actual construction and the staging will be handled by:

MoneyMatters LLC who have been producing this event for Ski Pro Inc for the past several years.

Here’s an Early example of what’s to come for 2017:

If you would like more information: Media Contacts for this event area;

Erin La Grassa - 480.290-1591  erin.lagrassa@gmail.com  


Scott Matteson - 480-962-6910 skipro@skipro.com